Key Largo Navigation lights - All around - All Round Marine Removable LED Light, 2’

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Product Overview

The 2’ all-round LED removable anchor light is water, corrosion, and UV resistant; these lights are built for long life in the marine environment. In addition, perfect design for sail or power boats under 65 feet (20 meters), as well as the poles, are anodized aluminum with a non-corroding ABS plastic. Not to mention, the LED lamp burns cooler, therefore, providing a longer fixture life and require minimal power. If that wasn’t enough it was built to fit universally. This elegant design comes with a 2-pin locking collar pole matching multiple angles and installations. Locking collar can be used or removed to allow installation in almost any base, even competitive brands

- 12/24VDC and Low-Current Draw - 2 NM NaviLED 360 degree 2’ All Round White Removable Anchor Light - Black Base with Universal capability - 2-pin locking collar pole matching multiple angles and installations - Water, Corrosion, and UV Resistant - Material: Anodized Aluminum Pole/ Plastic Mounting Casing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review